хуйня Virtual servers (VPS) in the BOTNET <Andromeda> system.


17 Май 2020
Virtual servers (VPS) in the BOTNET <Andromeda> system.
BOTNET <Andromeda>Different plugins of any botnetMay 14, 2020

Local Sistem Botnet
Virtual servers (VPS) in the BOTNET <Andromeda>
System.Different plugins of any botnet.
Guarantee that you will receive the goods as described.
Full anonymity of the client, payment BTC.
BOTNET <Andromeda> VPS servers are already connected in the system, where on the main server there is an admin panel for controlling zombie machines.

For any tasks (Maybe under Brute> Scan> Proxy) we don’t exclude it for your needs, negotiated in hp (surcharge is possible). Under the server with a brute and a scan, they do not live long (average from 24 hours to 72 hours), but we are ready to do replacement in your botnet system. (surcharge is possible after the expiration of the warranty period).
We give a guarantee for the replacement of 72 hours.
In other circumstances, when working with more gray schemes Spam or Clicker, different cheats, servers make a return of up to 30 days.
Install any OS (Windows> Server 2012/2016/2019 / Windows 10) (Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04)
An individual approach to the client.
Support and operation of the server 24/7
Unlimited traffic on the VPS.
The number of servers is not limited.
Server Locations (USA> Europe> Asia)

Tariffs: Per month of service !!!
BOTNET = 10 VPS: 2 CPU \ 16gb-32gb RAM \ Enternet Download from 250mb> Upload 500mb >> 400 $
This build includes Exclusive Design + admin panel on Pyton and two of the structures below.
BOTNET = 10 VPS: 4 CPU \ 16gb-32gb RAM \ Enternet Download from 500mb> Upload 1000mb >> 600 $
This build includes Exclusive Design + admin panel on Pyton and Full Spectrum from the list below.
Structure building a botnet.<>D
With the wholesale purchase of machines for Botnet, over 10 servers will have a general discount and the possibility of a warranty period of 7 days.
WARRANTY FOR SERVERS: 72 hours from the date of purchase of Botnet <Andromeda>, the warranty includes replacement of servers. (Without restrictions on your configuration)
Only serious people who know which machine they work with are interested.

There is any design, we can choose an exclusive one for your choice, on the test version you can see Andromeda, this is just a design on the Pyton + admin panel. We are not a conveyor belt or a factory to create each machine thoroughly sharpen it for your direct needs. I will say right away to create such a miracle you need to pay in advance, after which we add you to our tight schedule, on average it takes from 15 to 24 hours to create one such system. It all depends on the scale of the project and the power of the machines that you need in the system.
Reading to the Main server only via VPN.
All servers have different performance indicators in the Internet connection. Specify HP.

There is a free version. To do this, you can also write to contacts for further instructions, it will not be just lovers of freebies here are not happy for this, it will not be easy.
The hardware specifications are just that.
Payment: BTC for your safety.
Contacts: Mandatory Communication only on these contacts, beware of fakes !!!!
TeleGramm: @VPSMasrers

Characteristics BOTNET <Andromeda> The regular panel has a menu.
Bots> Black list> Tasks> Service
Plugins:> Socks4 is also possible under Socks5
Using the Tasks command, we can load any software, and of course, start everything, the instruction will be on the main server in the folder for working with BOTNET Andromeda.

Andromeda tool bar<>
You will receive Login + Pass data from your account.
After receiving the opportunity to change Pass and Login.

The structure itself is building bots and the overall network looks like this.

Andromeda bot bar<>All data you receive after checking for operability.


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